My Review System

For book reviews I wanted to take a slightly different approach, which will typically look like this:

  • Title, genre, page count, release date
  • Synopsis
  • Not-a-Review: a quick rating based on character, plot, worldbuilding, flow, and overall entertainment value, followed by my answers to three yes/no questions: Did I enjoy the book? Did I think it was a waste of time? and Would I read it again? I came up with the Not-a-Review as a way to give people who may not want to read the in-depth stuff a quick analyses of my feelings towards a certain book.
  • More in-depth analysis of my rating which may or may not include my opinions on the aspects listed above and an explanation of why the book did or did not work for me.

My Not-a-Review rating is my official rating of a given book. I will try my best not to dock stars without an explanation for why i did so, but sometimes a book just doesn’t work and I can’t put my finger on why. If i ever have a book that i DNF i will be sure to tell you rater than give it a rating. It seems unfair to judge a book i didn’t finish, but it does seem fair to explain why I didn’t finish it.

I’m expecting product reviews to be a bit more scarce than book reviews, and since I’m not a makeup artist or beauty guru I’ve decided to keep them simple. As with books, I’ll explain what I did and didn’t like about a product.

I’ve decided to rate doggo stuffs from my point of view and my dog’s point of view. We’re the ones forking up the cash, but we don’t usually use what we’re buying, unless it’s a harness or a leash. So, I think the dog’s opinion matters a little bit here, so why not include it?

review scale


5 stars=YAAASSSS!!!: Super entertaining and engaging, pretty much everything I look for in a book. I LOVED this book and my friends are definitely sick of hearing about it.

4 stars=Rereader/Recommender: I really enjoyed this book. This is probably a book I’ll reread and definitely one I will recommend.

3 stars=Pretty Good:  liked some parts, but others didn’t work for me and pulled the book down a peg.

2 stars=Could be Better: It just didn’t work for me as a whole.

1 star=The Struggle was Real: 1 star books are a struggle to finish and I’ll usually be getting out my timeturner once I’m done with them.

DNF: This is not a rating. This is a book that I did not finish reading, and therefore cannot appropriately review, though I will do my best to explain what I didn’t like and why I didn’t finish a particular book.


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Hit: I LOVED this product and my friends a sick of hearing about it.

So-so: Pretty good. I’ll keep it in my collection just in case

Miss: Feel like I wasted my money

*BONUS: Tala seems to enjoy many of my beauty and bookish products, so you may often see a doggo perspective on these ones!*


Doggo Stuffs:

Doggo Scale:


Bork Bork Grr!: Furkids liked it

The heckin is this?: Furkids didn’t care for it

Hooman Scale:

3 stars: Loved this, tough enough to stand up to power chewers and pullers

2 stars: Didn’t enjoy purchasing it as much as the dogs enjoyed destroying it

1 star: The heckin is this?


Disclaimer: I want to stress that my ratings are based entirely on my own experience and thoughts while reading a particular work or using a certain product. It is not my intent to hurt or offend anyone. I’m not a professional book reviewer, makeup artist/beauty guru, or veterinarian/professional dog trainer. I’m just a reader, makeup enthusiast, and dog mom who wants to share her thoughts.

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