What Dogs Have Taught Me About Motivation & Energy

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you struggle to get things done. Most of us, including myself, are waiting for or trying to find the motivation and energy to do what needs to be done. The funny thing is, these are often things that we actually want to do. They’re the things that bring joy into our lives or help us to be better versions of ourselves. … More What Dogs Have Taught Me About Motivation & Energy

Dog Names Inspired by Harry Potter

In case you’re in the market for names that you can actually choose, here are twelve pet names inspired by Harry Potter, in no particular order, ranging from the seemingly normal (unless your love for Harry Potter is as deep as mine) to the outrageous. I conjured most of these with dogs in mind because, well, I own dogs. But some of the names in the list, if not most, could definitely work for any animal! … More Dog Names Inspired by Harry Potter

Meet Tala!

This is Tala. Short, stumpy, and 100% duntzy doggo. She came to our family six months ago, after her mother stopped nursing her and her siblings. The early separation from mom made for a pretty anxious, equally cuddly, pup. At just 5 lbs, she was the runt of the litter. But who’s really surprised by that? I mean, look at her. … More Meet Tala!