Books. Beauty. Barks. is the blog-baby of Jessica Poer, at your service [insert awkward curtsy/bow here]. I’m a 20-something year-old living in what is apparently Hoth.

I’m an avid reader (rediscovering the avid), a makeup enthusiast, a fit-ish girl, a dog mom of three, and an aspiring author. As a child I LOVED reading. Couldn’t get enough of it. I’ve had teachers tell me to put the book down and go outside to play during recess. But then life, school, and work got in the way and I found myself at a place in my life where reading equated work and I needed a more mindless escape.

Cue my TV addiction.

I didn’t become a couch-potato overnight. I still made time for exercise, but I could never quite reach my fitness goals. The hours I poured into watching TV always held me back. Then, that addiction spread into YouTube, which had the one benefit of sprouting my love of beauty. Still, I became even more chained to the screen. I found myself feeling inherently stuck. Maybe I had just sunken too far into my couch.

Long story short, I started writing, and my addiction to television slowly started to wane. I’ve toyed around with the idea of a blog for some time, but I was never quite sure exactly what I would blog about. I’m not an expert in any given topic, and my life is far from interesting enough to draw readers on its own. But eventually I came up with Books. Beauty. Barks. A blog about… you guessed it! Anything bookish, beauty-ish, and barking. So, welcome to my hopefully-not-a-trainwreck-attempt-at-blogging, a place where I can express my thoughts about the three things that heal my body, mind, and soul.

Now, I’m not a professional book reviewer, a beauty guru, or a veterinarian. By trade, I’m strictly a hobbyist. I can’t promise professional-grade or earth-shattering content. But I can promise content that is true to who I am and to the things I love. If you’re intrigued, take a look around! If not,

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You can contact me at booksbeautybarks@gmail.com