Hit or Miss | Almay One Coat MEGA VOLUME Mascara

Hi friends! It’s been a pretty long time since my last post, and sadly today’s post isn’t anything remotely book related. On the bright side, it’s a beauty review! YAY! First off, thank you to Influenster and Almay for giving me the chance to test this product for review purposes. Secondly, I have a love/hate relationship with mascara. I usually like most mascaras that I’ve tried for a day or so, mostly when they’re brand new and the product is fresh and the tube is full. But, my lashes are usually over whatever mascara I’m using after a dozen or so uses and they go back to being small and unnoticeable. I’m the type of person who loves it when my lashes scream at people for attention. But not many mascaras keep my lashes shouting with joy for very long. My lashes take after me: they’re pretty shy, are agonizingly quiet, and they, like me, need A LOT of poking and prodding to induce even the smallest amount of remotely-attention-seeking noise. Needless to say, loud lashes are hard for me to come by unless I’m 100% faking it and gluing them to my face. Enter new mascara.

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I recently received Almay’s One Coat MEGA VOLUME Mascara and got to play around with it a little. Aside from the fact that the packaging is super pretty and that pink is absolutely screaming my name—I really like this mascara. It has a new Megaphone Brush that has a flared design that helps pick up each lash to evenly distribute product for maximum, loud-lash volume.

*I received this product from Influenster as part of their August VoxBox contest or testing and review purposes

pros breaker

The Packaging| Pink=pretty. Enough said.

The Brush| When I first saw the shape of this new Megaphone brush I was immediately intrigued. It’s such a unique design for a mascara wand, and it actually does do what it says it’s supposed to do. If you spin the brush while coating your lashes you can really feel the brush picking up the lashes to evenly coat them with product.

The Formula| This is a pretty good formula. It doesn’t crumble or transfer and it does add a lot of volume and a bit of length to your lashes. It’s waterproof, meaning that it’s probably more hydrating than a water-soluble product. But, waterproof mascaras can still be pretty hard on your lashes, mainly because many waterproof formulas require the sacrifice of actual eyeballs in order to remove the product—with makeup remover, I might add. What’s even the point of a waterproof mascara when you’re destroying your eyes and removing half of the lashes you’re trying to mascara-ize while taking off your makeup at the end of the day? Well, not to worry—this formula is easily removable with plain old soap and water. So, it goes without saying whatever makeup remover you might use should do the trick as well, without the usual waterproof-required lash sacrifice.

cons breaker

The Brush| I know, I know… I JUST finished saying that the shape of this brush is fantastic. And it is if you’re not like me and both of your hands are useful. But if you are like me and you find yourself in the possession of a non-dominant hand that is more like a banana peel than an actual, functioning appendage, prepare for a learning curve if you buy this mascara. I was struck with a pretty big, banana-peel induced problem while using this mascara: my right eye looked amazing while my left eye looked pretty lack-luster. And I realized that’s because you NEED to use your left hand to do your left eye and your right hand to do your right eye—unless you’re super flexible and can twist your hand in an exorcist-style fashion. The design of this brush demands ambidexterity while doing your mascara, otherwise you are losing that volumizing and separating effect that the brush has and risking supremely clumpy mascara… on only one eye.

Misnomer| I’m a huge fan of misnomers, just not when it comes to my beauty products. When a product’s name proclaims “one coat MEGA VOLUME” results, I expect ALL CAPS MEGA VOLUME after just one coat. This product does give your lashes great volume and even some length, just not after one coat.

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This is a pretty good mascara for an affordable price. That being said, it’s not my favorite. The brush is a really unique idea, but the design has some limitations for us endowed with a 100% useless non-dominant hand—I can’t be alone here! As cool as the wand is, I just don’t ind it a joy to use. For me, the One Coat MEGA VOLUME Mascara a SO-SO—but it soso (heh, I did a pun) easily could have been a HIT!


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