Meet Tala!

Hi Friends! This is Tala. Short, stumpy, and 100% duntzy doggo.

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She came to our family six months ago, after her mother stopped nursing her and her siblings. The early separation from mom made for a pretty anxious, equally cuddly, pup. At just 5 lbs, she was the runt of the litter. But who’s really surprised by that? I mean, look at her. But right from the beginning, she’s been nothing but love. On the ride home she crawled up onto my shoulders and settled in behind my neck. Now weighing in at a whopping 30 pounds, that’s still one of her favorite places to be. She’s never known a hard day in her life, and I intend to keep it that way (that’s dog mom speak for spoiled as f***).

When I first started bookstagram I had no intention of including this little doggo in my pictures. I mean, dogs can be hard to work with. But I can’t lay out things for a photo without her becoming insanely interested and poking her adorable little nose in the shot while she investigates what I’m doing. So it was kind of meant to be! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes she NEEDS to be in the shot but also NEEDS to be squirmy and playful, which makes me want to tear my hair out. But most of the time she just lies down and sniffs my coffee/tea/books or settles in for a nap.

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Ten Facts About Stumpy-Doggo:

1. Her name means little wolf
2. She’s a rescue puppy
3. She is a husky, border collie, and dachshund mix. I kid you not.
4. She LOVES to be picked up and will ask for it like a toddler, standing on her hind legs with her front paws outstretched.
5. She’s like a cat, only she doesn’t care if she fits, she just sits.
6. Her stubby legs are really compressed springs that let her run at super-doggo speeds and jump to super-doggo heights
7. Her tongue is twice as long as her legs
8. If you walk 2 miles, she runs 4
9. She cannot sit still for more than 5 seconds
10. #9 might be because she gets the hiccups just about every 5 seconds.

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I’m not going to lie, when I first heard that my parents were getting a puppy I desperately tried to push some book-nerdy names on them, two of which were Tonks and Luna. They weren’t biting. And I’m happy that they didn’t, because Tala just suits her SOSOSO much.

books beauty barks tala.JPG

In honor of the Harry Potter inspired name I so desperately wanted her to have, I thought it would be fun to imagine this little munchkin as a magical creature. If, unbeknownst to me, Tala were to be transfigured into a magical creature by a jealous witch or wizard in an attempt to whisk her away, she’d probably become a PYGMY PUFF. I’d say that she’s simply a puffskein, but given her stumpy-nature I’ll say that she’s more akin to the fluffy miniature result of the Weasley twins’ experimental breeding. I’m assuming that, like their larger counterparts, pygmy puffs are docile and enjoy being cuddled. I would also assume that they will eat anything “from leftovers to spiders” (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). Well, I have yet to see Tala eat a spider, but I have pulled the largest worm in the history of worms out of her mouth, so I definitely would not put it past her. According to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, puffskeins, and supposedly pygmy puffs, also love bogeys. This was definitely one of Tala’s most sought after snacks once upon a time—maybe her tongue is so freakishly long because she is, in fact, part puffskein. If you’ve ever had a dog stealthily plunge its tongue into your nose in search of snacks, you know how horridly disgusting it feels to have your nose-space violated. Luckily, as she’s gotten older her tongue has outgrown the size of a human nostril and can no longer probe for boo’s—and a sigh of relief was breathed by nostril-bearing humans everywhere.

I’d love to hear about anyone else’s pets—doggo or not—especially if and why they remind you of an animal/creature/character!

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One thought on “Meet Tala!

  1. Gooooosh, I love your puppy so much ever since I accidentally discovered your bookstagram! Tala is such a lovely girl, sure she’s pure happiness to your family! And I never actually thought that she’s of mixed breed! Wow, those husky features are still so strong!
    Always look forward to her features in your bookstagram, she’s the perfect supporting model to your books!

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