Hi Friends! Intro + My CR & TBR List

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetHi friends! Welcome to my first post! I wanted to start off by telling you all a little about me and why I started this blog. Boring, I know. If you want to skip the boring stuff feel free to scroll on down to find out what I’m currently reading along with what I plan on reading next!

Welcome to my hopefully-not-a-trainwreck attempt at blogging! The name I use for writing is Jessica Poer. It’s not a drastic change from my real name, just a tiny tweak to make it a smidge less generic. I’m an almost (might-as-well-say-it-now) 20-something year old living in the middle-of-nowhere in Canada. I’m an avid reader (rediscovering the avid), a makeup enthusiast, a fit-ish girl, a dog mom of three, and an aspiring author. As a child I LOVED reading. Couldn’t get enough of it. I’ve had teachers tell me to put the book down and go outside to play during recess. But then life, school, and work got in the way and I found myself at a place in my life where reading equated work and I needed a more mindless escape.

Cue my TV addiction.

I didn’t become a couch-potato overnight. I still made time for exercise, but I could never quite reach my fitness goals. The hours I poured into watching TV always held me back. Then, that addiction spread into YouTube, which had the one benefit of sprouting my love of beauty. Still, I became even more chained to the screen. I found myself feeling inherently stuck. Maybe I had just sunken too far into my couch.

Long story short, I started writing, and my addiction to television slowly started to wane. I’ve toyed around with the idea of a blog for some time, but I was never quite sure exactly what I would blog about. I’m not an expert in any given topic, and my life is far from interesting enough to draw readers on its own. But eventually I came up with Books. Beauty. Barks. A blog about… you guessed it! Anything bookish, beauty-ish, and barking.

Boring stuff out of the way, heres my TBR pile:


Daunting right? A lot of the books that are part of my TBR list aren’t even in this pile. Rather than dish out every single book I want to read, I’ll share with you guys my current reads, along with the next three books I’m planning to read. I usually like to have 2 books on the go at once, one epic fantasy and a second novel of more reasonable length. That’s the only way I can see myself getting through the insane list of epics that I want to read, let alone all of the other books I’m interested in.

Currently Reading:

Academ’s Fury by Jim Butcher
Genre: Fantasy
After hearing the story behind this series I had to read it, and now I’m on book 2. It’s the in-your-face answer to a challenge that good ideas alone, not good writing, make a book and that a good book cannot be written based on a bad idea. The author went on to prove that good writing prevails, writing a best seller based on the “bad” idea-combination of the lost Roman legion and Pokemon.

The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman
Genre: Historical
Review coming soon!

My Next 3 Reads:


Shades of Milk & Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal
Genre: Fantasy
Jane Austen with magic. Do I need to say more?

Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay
Genre: Fantasy, historical
China’s Tang Dynasty inspired this fantasy. Again, do I need to say more?

A Court of Thorns & Roses by Sarah J Maas
Genre: YA, Fantasy
I’ve been out of the book-loop for a while, so forgive me for being embarrassingly behind on some things. I know there’s A LOT of controversy surrounding SJM right now and I’m not including this in my TBR to be attacked via DM. I still want to read this series, or at least this book, to be in the loop if anything. I’ve read the excerpt and no, it is not okay. But for me, at least, it feels out of context because I have NO knowledge of this series to work with. so I want to give myself a bit more context to see if there actually is any, or if it was just a straight up phobic comment. It’s hard to have an opinion when you’re pretty much steeped in ignorance on the subject. The outside world has been lost in the white noise of my TV for the past five years, so please give me a minute to catch up.

Now this list is subject to change based on how quickly my amazon order gets here with Under Heaven. As of right now, I’m optimistic.

Bonus: Recently Finished:

Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher ★★★★
The Circle by Dave Eggers ★★★ (Review coming soon!)

I’ll be making a few more posts this week, just to give a sense of what to expect. It seems half hearted to upload my first post and then leave my blog on shelf somewhere deep in the internet to collect dust for the next eight weeks. So I’m making a commitment to a weekly post. If, for some reason, I can’t post one week I’ll make an announcement on my instagram[Link to IG].

Now, I’m not a professional photographer, book reviewer, beauty guru, or veterinarian. By trade, I’m strictly a hobbyist. I can’t promise professional-grade or earth-shattering content. But I can promise content that is true to who I am and to the things I love. If you’re intrigued, keep an eye open for more posts.

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